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Kensington Antarctica

Antarctica : The Seventh Continent
The White Desert

It is landscape unlike anywhere else on the planet. So rarely visited, yet utterly beautiful.

Kensington Antarctica flies you into the interior of Antarctica in luxury and comfort. After a five-hour flight via our private jet from Cape Town, you are transported to our beautifully designed and ecological camp set in one of the last great wildernesses on earth.

We are now offering a range of adventures from 11-day safaris to visit the Emperor Penguins, to shorter trips designed to cater for those with tighter schedules. There is now even a day trip to Antarctica! (See below for trip overviews)

With genuine polar explorers as your guides, you will see, touch and experience a place that is unlike anything on earth. Our management team have skied over 16,000kms in the Polar Regions and as such, we understand what it takes to travel to such a pristine environment in both safety and style.

With mild summer temperatures, you only need to be in a normal physical condition to join us. Then, once in Antarctica - what happens is up to you. The place is as big as your imagination.

Trip Options

2 Day Antarctica Day Trip: Day trip from Cape Town to Antarctica on luxury 727. Hike ice caves in Shirmacher Oasis, champagne lunch on the ice, visit research station. 5 hour flight each way. More>>

5 Day Kensington Antarctica Explorer: Luxury tented camp in Antarctica with Polar explorer guides. Fly from Cape Town in G4. Includes all meals, activities, and transfers. More>>

10 Day Kensington Antarctica & Emperor Penguins (8 Nights): Jet from Cape Town to Antarctica. Luxury tented camp has only 12 clients. Visit Emperor Penguins. Expert guides teach skiing, mtn climbing, kite sailing, and more. More>>

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